After a 15 year hiatus, Daniel Poli’s Suspect Package returns to the fray.

Daniel Poli and Leonora Epremian launched their creation as the incendiary revelation they had visualised back in the year 2000. Their inspiration, which has established the foundations of Suspect Package, captured the global feel of dance floors, gaining critical recognition by many in the media and left many an audience shouting for more.

With stand-out EP’s during the early 2000’s from artists such as Autonomy, Filth, Iteration-X, Earth Deuley, Marky Star and Daniel Poli himself recent attention has been placed on the label due to regular plays from current luminaries Ricardo Villalobos, RPR, Francesco Del Garda and Nicolas Lutz amongst others.

Stalling on its 9th release back in 2004/5 this special release number ten comprises of the tracks originally signed but never released back then.