We toyed around with the idea of doing some best of 2020 charts but to be totally honest, in amidst and despite the hardship of the year, there was so much incredible music released we would have felt bad trying to condense it all down and leaving some vital stuff out. Instead we’ve finally got around to compiling our picks from the last two months of 2020, November & December, from a year like no other (!).
Once again we would genuinely like to thank you for supporting us in any way possible that you have in 2020, it really means a lot. With the current situation in mind it’s looking like the physical store will remain closed for all January (possibly February too) so as per normal everything we add for sale will be via this link in our online store (keep it bookmarked, locked and refreshed to see everything new that goes up) –> https://kma60.com/record-store <--
We bid you the best possible start to this New Year !
📸 – Colours in honour of the EU flag. The UK will back at some point, best believe.