We are mega happy to announce and finally showcase our next artist and her exhibition at our space. Conxi San Emeterio (Ivvoki Studio) has been a big favourite of ours for a while so it makes us extra pleased she was willing to grace us with her work of which can be described as an exploration of the subconscious inspired by the schools of Surrealism and Cubism. It’s no surprise that she is inspired by the greats of Spanish art such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró and the French giant of modern architecture Le Corbusier. Her deep appreciation of music stimulates her process of creation, she says. From her latest works, it is particularly Latin Jazz that has guided her palette, bringing to life a series that has been positively acclaimed throughout Europe.
A total of nine pieces is currently being shown with pricing queries to be enquired within for any interested parties.
We’d like to place on record a massive thank you to Charlotte Thorstvedt (Lotte Thor) for her exhibition that opened our space back in April last year and all the amazing feedback we have received for her work throughout the world since then.
We look forward to having you here to see Conxi’s new exhibition first-hand. Stay safe all.